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The Shared History Workshop is the collective title for the services provided by Pete Bleakley in the arena of community arts, with an emphasis on developing and delivering projects which engender or reinforce community cohesion.

A journalist and copywriter since 1990, and documentary film maker since 2000, Pete Bleakley spent the ten years after he left school in 1980 travelling the world and experiencing different cultures.

He brings the both the imagination of an advertising creative and the attention to detail of a time served journalist to his work in the new arena of Rememberabilia.

At a time when societies throughout Europe are undergoing change, and feeling the inevitable insecurity that accompanies it, an exploration and revelation of one’s own past can provide a valuable anchor in a sea of uncertainty.

Equally, discovering for the first time that one shares considerable history with one’s new neighbours can help to pour calming oil on troubled waters.

Shared history works.

The Shared History Workshop brings together some of the keenest historical minds in the UK to work on projects which can benefit your community.

And, in the immortal words of Karen Carpenter, “We’ve only just begun…”

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